Rachel Smith

Last week we were amongst the many tuning into our virtual seats in the Steve Jobs Theatre. The annual Apple Special Event didn’t steer from tradition as Apple unveiled a selection of their innovative products and services.  

The Adludio team got together afterwards to discuss our thoughts. Here are our hot takes. 

1) AR will really evolve the shopper experience

The capabilities that the new iPhone provide for Augmented Reality experiences are great news for both users and creatives. Apple’s earnestness in putting energy towards Neural-Networks / on-device AI (with it’s 6x faster matrix engine) seems to have paid off. The new A13 Bionic processor is touted as the most efficient power chip ever, providing more battery life than its predecessors and the ability to power their entire AR-experience. 

The introduction of their ARKit 3, Reality Composer app will allow developers to create incredible AR experiences using web-technologies. This should pave the way for ultra-innovative advertising experiences - especially as it involves multi-user AR which will make it a very unified and engaging experience.

Rolling out AR as an accessible feature to all will be a game-changer for the future of retail. AR will be brilliant for assisting potential buyers to visualise products and show them what it’s like to own the product in their own homes, surrounded by their belongings. We’ve all struggled with mentally sizing up dimensions from product descriptions and this should soon be a thing of the past! To check out how this works, visit Apple on your phone’s browser now to experience the new products through AR! 


2) The additional ‘sense’ in the U1 chip will lead to more creative marketing

Due to the integration of the U1 chip, the iPhone 11 has ‘been given another sense’. Users will now be able to find other iPhones equipped with the same chip, which means users will merely need to point their phone at people to share photos. This update could be another great route for some creative marketing. Remember Donald Glover and Adidas’ awesome Airdrop stunt at Coachella? We expect to see more of this being used. 


3)  Apple is trying to attract new users 

With the introduction of the first-ever Pro iPhone and the competitive pricing of the Series 3 Apple Watch, it could appear that Apple is trying to appeal to new audiences. This may involve appealing to the advanced camera market and also people who are engaging with Apple’s tech for the first time.


4) Still no sign of 5G

There was still no mention of 5G being integrated into Apple’s latest devices. Across the industry, 5G promises major cross-industry developments, including the advertising industry with lightning speeds and richer experiences. However, for the average Joe Blogs and advertisers, it may not mean that much yet and it seems Apple knows this. Whilst some may argue that they need to future proof, due to many factors such as infrastructure revivals, full-adoption of all that 5G has to offer remains a long way away. 

5) The Apple Walled Garden is growing

The release date for iOS13, which includes Sign-in with Apple is set for 19th September. This may create issues for advertisers as Sign-in with Apple will safeguard data assets by limiting the publisher's ownership and transparency of their data. With Sign-in with Apple, publishers will lose this capability of data syncing across the programmatic ecosystem, therefore, the value of their data will reside in Apple’s ‘walled garden’. This sign-in feature is only forced in-app for now though it may appear on the web soon via Safari. This may mean that cross-device targeting is more difficult as data syncing will be more challenging. 

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