In our third '8 Questions with...', we spoke to Stella Berry, our Regional Business Director in APAC.

Stella has over fifteen years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of the luxury market. Based in Singapore, she serves as our regional lead for deepening the strategic relationships with Adludio's growing portfolio of luxury brands. 

Onto the questions!

1. What was your first job?

Straight out of university I moved to London where I worked as a waitress for 24 hours... I got sacked after having waited for the food critic of The Evening Standard on my first night. Let’s just say she was NOT impressed and to be fair I was a terrible waitress. But seriously what were the chances of that!? I sent my CV to recruitment agencies specialising in media in London and landed my first proper job working for the French newspaper Le Figaro as a media assistant.

2. What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

My mum’s side of the family are farmers, and one of the first things my godfather taught me was how to skin a rabbit. I did become a vegetarian for a few years when I was a teenager as a result though. Just to put the record straight, I do not skin rabbits anymore!

3. What piece of tech can you not live without?

At the risk of sounding too predictable, I have to say that it is that little device in everyone’s pockets. And my favourite app is Twitter. Ricky Gervais all day every day. He is just so controversial. Obsessed!

4. What personality trait do you most attribute to your ability to achieve what you have achieved so far?

Being fearless and unafraid of taking risks. Fortunately, this has worked out for me in the long run, as I need to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone to feel like I am achieving something. I need that adrenaline rush.

5. What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

I have lived in four countries and one of the biggest challenges I faced was to adapt and grasp a new culture quickly. Also, coming from a traditional publisher background, I witnessed first-hand print as a channel being in decline year-on-year, it was challenging having to constantly rethink our strategy and narrative in order to successfully sell that medium.

6. Why did you want a career in AdTech?

I understood that AdTech is what propels brands to further engage with audiences, beyond simply coming up with attractive imagery. After spending more than 10 years working in traditional publishing and handling luxury accounts, I knew I needed to go where the future is headed towards. I was drawn to the dynamism of the industry, and the decision was simple.

7. Can you tell me the most exciting part of the work you do at Adludio?

I wear many hats in my role at Adludio, and that’s the most exciting part. On the commercial side of things, I build direct relationships with brands, as well as with senior internal stakeholders within media agencies across the region and contribute to the growth of the company across APAC. Most recently, I have also taken on Australia as a growth market as well.

On the corporate and operational side, I strive to strengthen our international Adludio network by ensuring a constant flow of communication and market intel between all our global offices. I also work closely with our PR agency and inhouse marketing team to lead PR efforts in APAC. In short, I love ALL of it. No two days are alike and this keeps it fresh. 

8. What do you think will change in the advertising industry in the next 5 years?

One thing that I hope disappears in the next 5 years is the hype around influencers. I always wonder how we let it get this far?! At Adludio, our stance is that good old fashioned creativity is and should always be at the heart of advertising, and I hope that the industry is going to go back full circle and work their arse off to create beautiful, clever and witty piece that will continue to inspire audiences everywhere. I want the spirit of Mad Men back!