On Monday we made a big announcement to our team… Adludio will become a global working from home company!

With offices in 7 cities, spanning from New York to Taiwan, our 65 employees have been working from home throughout the current crisis. We have all adapted to the “new normal” and have done so successfully. The management would like to sincerely thank our employees for their brilliant output and commitment whilst working at home in these strange times. 

As the status-quo for “normal" working environments is rapidly changing, we sought insights and views from our employees about their preferred working style as we slowly transition out of lockdown. In defining how we will work going forward, we took everyone's safety and preferences into consideration.

A conclusion was drawn up that working from home was the environment that suited our teams and individual employees the best. This decision aligns with our modern approach to business and desire to innovate - there’s no longer a need for a 20th-century approach to working, a long commute does not help anyone!

We are a very tight-knit bunch and continue to see the importance of meeting each other and keeping our culture alive. From now on, our teams will be working remotely and our old offices will be reconfigured into ‘hubs’ in each city for the opportunity to meet, hot desk, socialise, and host client events.

The process of reconfiguration had begun pre-COVID-19, but like everything else, is now fast-tracked. Many technology companies are changing the ways they work and we are pleased to see this next evolution of Adludio.