We are thrilled to announce that you can now access all of our free webinars directly on our website!

We record each of our live webinars and are now providing them on one easy-access page for anyone who would like to see them for the first time, or fancies refreshing their memory.

How to watch a webinar:

1) Visit

2) Submit a request for the password.

3) Login and take your pick of webinar to watch.


What is the Adludio Academy?

Crafted by mobile advertising experts, the Adludio Academy provides a series of free webinars to help you understand the role of mobile in the advertising landscape. The mobile advertising world is exciting but complex, so whether you're a complete beginner to it or just want to freshen up your knowledge, you'll find a webinar at the Adludio Academy that's perfect for you.

These webinars are available online so that you can access them in the office or in the comfort of your own home.

A new lesson will be released each week on a Thursday via a zoom link on your eventbrite ticket. Sign up to individual lessons or the whole series, take your pick!