The disconnect between mobile traffic and mobile sales

The majority of traffic for retail websites now comes from smartphones. However, according to The Drum's 2019 Ecommerce Year in Review infographic, there is a disconnect between mobile traffic and sales. The data reports that mobile is now responsible for 63% of traffic to retailers, yet this only transpires to 53% of sales. 

Simply having a mobile presence is not enough

Fashion retailers are currently converting the highest percentage of mobile traffic into sales (89.3%). This is likely to be because they have been the most successful in recognising the growth of mobile ownership and the way shoppers access their site.  

Mobile provides a significant advantage over desktop because its portability facilitates the ability to purchase at any hour of the day, in any location. Though to harness this opportunity, brands must iron out any blockers to purchase before driving high volumes of traffic via their ads. It wouldn't be smart to encourage footfall to a shop that’s crumbling down and only takes cash, so brands must view the path from mobile traffic to purchase in the same way. 

According to recent research by Google, Deloitte and fifty-five, mobile load times have a huge impact on conversion rates. In fact, a 0.1-second improvement on website speed has been shown to boost consumer spending by 9.2% on retail apps. Interestingly, the luxury sector had the most to gain from loading speed improvements; a small improvement lead more customers to add items to their basket and contact the brand - a known proxy of buying intent for luxury retailers.

Take-home lesson: As an integral part of our society, users have high expectations of mobile interactions. Brands must meet this consumer need through championing user experience and recognising the importance of usable design. Going the extra mile with a usable and efficient buying infrastructure will make consumers stick and also promote the legitimacy of a brand.

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